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Some people hear the words “root canal” and think of the most painful and terrible thing possible. We just don’t get it! Root canals, or endodontic treatments, are actually the procedure that stops tooth pain! What’s more, a root canal can save and preserve a severely infected tooth. That’s right! A root canal, when decided upon early enough, can keep you from needing a tooth extraction, something that, years ago, used to be the only option when a tooth was abscessed or severely infected. So where does the name of the procedure come from? The name root canal refers to the part of the tooth that is cleaned and disinfected during the treatment – the interior canals of your tooth and its roots. During the treatment, we prepare your tooth the way we would while treating a cavity.

Then we go in beyond the enamel and clear away all infected pulp – the tissue that was required during tooth growth but stops being needed in adulthood – all the way into your tooth roots. Once the tooth is disinfected and sterilized, we refill it and seal it, topping it with a porcelain crown for total durability and beauty. Your pain is stopped, your tooth saved, and your smile restored. What could be nicer than that?