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Lenexa Cosmetic Dentistry

The Smile Confidence You Need to Get the Most Out of Life

We’ve mentioned it before but we think it is worth saying again: Smiling is good for you! But if your teeth are discolored, broken, or worn down, or your smile appears gummy or uneven, you may be too embarrassed to show that smile and enjoy all the uplifting, relaxing, and wellness-promoting benefits it can bring. If you have been hiding your smile, talk to us here at Meyer Family Dentistry to discover what our cosmetic dental services can do to get you feeling and looking great again!

The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Do you disappear when someone brings out the camera? Do you brush your teeth without looking in the mirror? Do you cover your mouth when you laugh?

That’s no way to live!

Cosmetic dentistry is an excellent solution that can restore your confidence; help you feel more sociable; and get you living a healthier, happier, fuller life.

Those may sound like big claims, but when you consider that smiling is one of the easiest, most effective communication and connection tools, as well as being better for you than broccoli, you can understand the importance of feeling good in the smile you wear every day.

We offer a wide range of cosmetic dental procedures to our Lenexa Patient community. These services include everything from simple but effective smile whitening to give you a boost or get you ready for a special occasion, all the way to porcelain veneers and full mouth restorations to completely transform your smile.

Each cosmetic procedure is tailored to meet your personal needs and goals. And, each restoration is custom-planned just for you. The truth is, all of our dentistry is performed with an eye on appearance – even our dental fillings are tooth-colored so they disappear in your smile.

That means whether you see us for a cosmetic smile makeover or to repair damage, our aesthetic dentistry will renew your confidence, improve the appearance and strength of your teeth, and give you a smile you can happily share with the world.

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers offer one of our most tremendous smile transformations. Just like any other veneer, veneers for your teeth replace the flawed, stained, gapped, short, surfaces of your own, natural teeth with a gorgeously flawless surface. But just because it is flawless doesn’t mean that it has to look unnaturally perfect. Porcelain tooth veneers can be designed to look like you were born with them, with the slight variations and translucency natural teeth have. You choose the shade, shape, length, and style that best suits your face and personality and we will do the rest.

All you have to do is sit back while we prepare your teeth, take impressions, and apply your temporary, try-on veneers. Once your beautiful permanent veneers are completed, you will come back for one more comfortable visit and have them bonded in place. You won’t believe the difference – no more hiding your smile! Just confidence and beauty you will want to flash everywhere you go.

Minimal-Prep Veneers

Minimal prep veneers are very much like our traditional porcelain veneers. The big difference is that they are significantly thinner so much less tooth preparation is required. Depending on your needs, we may choose to use E.max minimal-prep dental veneers because they are ultra thin and look so natural in your smile. E.max’s ceramic material is patented and has a 98.2% success rate. But don’t take our word for it: more than 10 years of clinical evidence proves it. In fact, E.max is the number one, doctor-trusted, minimal-prep tooth veneer available today because they offer almost the same strength and durability as traditional veneers.

But no matter which minimal-prep veneer you choose, these veneers can close gaps, lengthen teeth, cover deep stains and discoloration, and even repair broken teeth. Since they require so little tooth preparation before application, we recommend these veneers for teens and young adults when cosmetic dental bonding is not an option.

Full-Mouth Restoration

Has it been years since you saw a dentist? Are your teeth showing significant wear, decay, or damage? Are you worried that you may have gum disease or cavities adding to the trouble you have with your smile? Has it been ages since you felt as if you could smile with confidence? Then a full-mouth restoration from Meyer Family Dentistry may just your ticket to health and confidence. Full mouth restorations are not just one procedure. Instead, each full-mouth restoration is a customized combination of procedures to bring your smile back to ideal health, strength, and beautiful function.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that works the way nature intended, feels completely comfortable and pain-free, and looks so good you won’t be able to stop showing it off. Full-mouth restorations can include anything from dental whitening and composite bonding for faster touch-ups and repairs all the way to dental implants, periodontal treatments, and porcelain veneers to completely rejuvenate and restore your smile.

Composite Bonding

Composite bonding is a great way to safely and quickly repair and beautify teeth without the need for porcelain restorations. It is ideal for younger patients or for those who have smaller chips, cracks, or just need a little touch-up. Plus, since it is completed in one visit with no need for temporaries or waiting for a lab to complete your cosmetic restoration, you can leave our office with a more beautiful smile – right away! Because composite bonding is applied directly to your teeth, it requires an extra steady hand and an artistic eye. Of course, we always discuss your needs and desires with you and include you in the planning and decision-making process.

Once you are ready for your tooth repair, Dr. Meyer simply shades the composite material to either match the surrounding teeth or to achieve the whiteness you want, applies several careful layers for a natural look, shapes the dental composite material to perfection, and brings your smile to a high polish. You’ll leave smiling!

Tooth Recontouring

Are your teeth a little uneven or jagged? Do you have tiny chips or cracks? Are some teeth, such as your canines, longer than you’d like them to be? Do you want to improve your smile but don’t want a drawn-out, or expensive dental procedure? Talk to your team at Meyer Family Dental. Our gentle tooth recontouring procedure can smooth away rough edges and points, even out your smile line, polish away flaws, and bring your smile back to a balanced and harmonious look – quickly and easily. Tooth recontouring is so quick and painless, it rarely even requires novocaine and the results are immediate.

Using his attention to detail, his artistic eye and a polishing tool similar to those used in the jewelry industry, Dr. Meyer precision-sculpts your individual teeth until harmony is achieved and your smile looks just the way you wanted it to. You’ll leave our office feeling great – without any downtime or waiting for restorations!

Smile Whitening

There really isn’t anything that looks as fresh, confident, and attractive as a radiant, white smile. And nowadays, more and more people are achieving that sparkle with the comfort and safety of professional teeth bleaching or whitening.

KoR Whitening

Our in-office whitening techniques are the fastest and most effective way to get your smile up to ten shades whiter – often in less than an hour. You can even schedule to have it done over your lunch break for maximum convenience. Just sit back, relax on one of our neck pillows, and nap while your teeth achieve ultimate brightness. Our KoR whitening system combines Take-Home Whitening Trays that are worn at night, while you are asleep.  After two weeks you will start to notice your whiter smile.  After two weeks you will be ready for to complete your KoR whitening with an in-office whitening, which takes about an hour to complete.  This technique is the best way to whiten your smile!

Tray Whitening

If you prefer the convenience of whitening at home, don’t mess around with hit-or-miss over-the-counter whitening methods that can cause extreme sensitivity and damage your gums. Talk to us about KoR take-home tray whitening. We will provide you with two, custom-made whitening trays (one for the upper teeth and one for the lower) and the prescription-level whitening gel that is best for you. Just fill the trays with your special gel, pop the trays in your mouth, and whiten anytime, anywhere.


What if you could straighten your smile without anyone even knowing you’re doing it? That’s just one of the ways SureSmile clear aligner therapy is changing the way patients have been straightening their teeth effectively and affordably. Meyer Family Dentistry has the technology and training to assess your orthodontic needs and decide of SureSmileis the right treatment option for you or someone in your family.

If you’re a good candidate, Dr. Meyer will take photos of your teeth, complete a series of x-rays, and create a custom impression to perfectly capture the shape of your bite. From there, your prescription is submitted to SureSmile so they can create your aligners at their U.S.-based laboratory. Your unique series of aligners will apply comfortable pressure to the teeth we want to shift.

Clear aligner therapy is a trendy choice among our patients who want to straighten their smile without using traditional orthodontics. You typically wear your aligners for two to three weeks at a time for 22 hours a day. You can remove your aligners whenever you like to enjoy the foods you love. You’ll never have to worry about food getting trapped in the wires or issues with brushing/flossing.