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Lenexa Restorative Dentistry - Crowns, Fillings, and More
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Meyer Family – Restorative – Dentistry

Bringing Any Lenexa Smile Back to Health and Strength

Life is full of wonder, joy, and beauty. But it can be difficult at times too. And sometimes, those difficulties involve your smile. Accidents can lead to breaks and cracks. Decay or gum disease lead to infections in and around your teeth. And sometimes, teeth can even be lost, leading to difficulty speaking clearly and eating the nutritious foods you need. What can you do? Whom can you trust to stop your pain, clear away the infection, and rebuild your smile?

When life is hard on your teeth, restorative care from Meyer Family Dentistry can be just what you have been looking for. Our considerate and compassionate team and highly-trained doctor know just how difficult it can be to cope with cavities, toothaches, major damage to the enamel, and tooth loss.

That’s why we offer outstanding restorative dentistry with the finest materials and the most gentle touch. Even very nervous patients find that they can relax during their restorative care, especially with a little help from relaxing nitrous oxide (commonly known as laughing gas for the euphoric feeling it produces).

Our restorative techniques are always customized for you and we never create a treatment plan without your input. We understand smile restorations should proceed at a pace you are comfortable with and in a way that fits comfortably in your budget.

What Restorative Dentistry Can do for You

Restorative dentistry is the ideal way to repair, strengthen, and beautify even the most damaged smile letting you eat without pain, smile with confidence, and feel healthier than you ever thought possible. Our full menu of restorative services is available to patients of all ages and includes:

  • Fillings to repair cavities and stop decay
  • Porcelain inlays, onlays, and crowns to restore broken or severely damaged teeth
  • Bridges, partials, dentures, and implants to replace missing teeth
  • Endodontics to stop pain and save your teeth
  • Oral surgery in the comfortable office you know and trust

And remember, we cater to nervous patients, so don’t avoid talking to us about your needs!


No one gets excited about cavities. And while they are sort of expected for kids (even though they shouldn’t be!) when adults discover they have cavities, it can be extra distressing. Don’t worry. We work hard to help you keep your family’s smiles in ideal health, finding and treating cavities while they are still small and won’t disrupt the structure of your teeth. But even if we discover a larger cavity or cavities at the gumline, our tooth-colored cavity fillings will save the day. These fillings are shaded to match the tooth they are repairing so no one needs to see them in your smile.

Plus, they do not shift with exposure to temperature changes the way metal fillings can. To treat dental cavities, we simply prepare your tooth, removing any decay, and apply strong and durable composite resin to refill the prepared area, strengthen your tooth, and seal it against further problems.

Porcelain Inlays/Porcelain Onlays

If we discover that you need a larger dental cavity repaired, an old metal filling replaced, or that there has been damage that isn’t quite severe enough to warrant a crown but is a little too extensive to be repaired with composite bonding, we may recommend restoring your tooth with a porcelain inlay or onlay. These attractive dental restorations perfectly mimic natural tooth enamel both in appearance and strength so your tooth will feel and function the way your tooth did before it was damaged. Inlays cover the surface of your tooth inside the cusps or points, working like a superior filling.

Onlays cover a bit more of your tooth surface, often wrapping around one or more of the points of your teeth. We prepare your tooth, take impressions, and send away to the lab for your custom-made porcelain restoration. Either way, once your inlay or onlay is bonded to your tooth, it will feel completely natural and look better than you ever expected a dental restoration to look.


Crowns are the veneer of restorative dentistry. In other words, they are the strongest, most beautiful restoration we offer here at Meyer Family Dentistry. Crowns can be used to create a brand-new surface for even the most damaged, decayed, or broken tooth. We use crowns to seal and repair teeth after root canals, to anchor a dental bridge, and to top dental implants with a beautiful tooth mother nature would be jealous of. Depending on where your crown is going to be placed and whether you have a tendency to clench your teeth, we will use either pure porcelain crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal for extra strength and durability.

A bridge is basically a series of crowns used to fill a gap where teeth are missing. Two dental crowns are bonded to your own teeth on either side of the gap, holding in place the porcelain teeth that replace any missing teeth. Our dental bridges are so attractive and life-like, no one will realize you are wearing replacement teeth.

We now can complete restorations, like crowns, faster and easier than ever before! Learn how the CEREC allows us to do this.


Missing teeth are just no fun. It often makes eating a chore, speaking less than ideal, and smiling something to avoid. Meyer Family Dentistry is here to help you regain your smile and start enjoying life again with a variety of tooth replacement options. While we recommend dental implants to all of our patients who are missing teeth or need to have teeth removed, we understand that surgically-placed implants aren’t always an option. That’s when our removable dental prosthetics come into play. Dentures usually replace all of your upper or lower teeth or both, rest on your gums, and are held in place with dental adhesive. Dentures should be removed at night for cleaning and soaking to keep them as fresh and bright as the day you brought them home.

We believe in creating dentures that actually fit your face and look as if they belong to you, not like denture-mill false teeth. Plus, we make sure that your dentures fit you as well as possible to minimize slippage. We also offer implant-retained dentures for a superior solution that will not pinch or slip while keeping your jawbone healthy and intact.


If you are missing more than a few teeth – but not all of them – how can you wear a denture? Do you have to have your remaining teeth removed? Not at all! Partials are very similar to dentures in that they replace missing teeth, except that partial dentures are used when some healthy teeth remain in your mouth. In fact, partials are a bit like removable bridges. Unlike dentures, partials are attached to your remaining teeth with small clasps, though they do also rest on the gums. Dental adhesive can help keep them comfortable and secure and, just like dentures, partials should be removed for cleaning and soaking.

We are proud of how natural and attractive Meyer Family Dentistry partial dentures look and feel, but if you want the ultimate in function, and teeth that feel more like your own used to feel, talk to us about the option of implant-retained partials.


Implants are the ultimate in modern tooth replacement options because they do more than replace your tooth – they replace the root as well, keeping your smile secure, comfortable, and strong so you can eat what you like, speak with total clarity, and smile like you mean it all day and all night. To learn more about Dental Implants, please visit our Implant Dentistry page.


Some people hear the words “root canal” and think of the most painful and terrible thing possible. We just don’t get it! Root canals, or endodontic treatments, are actually the procedure that stops tooth pain! What’s more, a root canal can save and preserve a severely infected tooth. That’s right! A root canal, when decided upon early enough, can keep you from needing a tooth extraction, something that, years ago, used to be the only option when a tooth was abscessed or severely infected. So where does the name of the procedure come from? The name root canal refers to the part of the tooth that is cleaned and disinfected during the treatment – the interior canals of your tooth and its roots. During the treatment, we prepare your tooth the way we would while treating a cavity.

Then we go in beyond the enamel and clear away all infected pulp – the tissue that was required during tooth growth but stops being needed in adulthood – all the way into your tooth roots. Once the tooth is disinfected and sterilized, we refill it and seal it, topping it with a porcelain crown for total durability and beauty. Your pain is stopped, your tooth saved, and your smile restored. What could be nicer than that?

Oral Surgery

Sometimes, severe oral health problems develop. It could be because of untreated gum disease, accidents, dietary issues, medications, or even a genetic disposition to cavities and decay. We understand and are here to help. If you need one or more teeth extracted, Meyer Family Dentistry is the dental office to rely on. Our oral surgery services are offered with compassion and care. Our entire team will surround you with warmth and comfort, discussing all of your options with you before we take any action, and ensure that you are completely pain-free during procedures.

Ask us any question and we will go out of our way to answer it, putting your mind at ease and removing any fear you might experience. If you need more major oral surgery such as bony impactions or wisdom tooth removal, we can help with that too, referring you to one of our trusted oral surgery specialists.