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Dentures - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Missing teeth are just no fun. It often makes eating a chore, speaking less than ideal, and smiling something to avoid. Meyer Family Dentistry is here to help you regain your smile and start enjoying life again with a variety of tooth replacement options. While we recommend dental implants to all of our patients who are missing teeth or need to have teeth removed, we understand that surgically-placed implants aren’t always an option. That’s when our removable dental prosthetics come into play. Dentures usually replace all of your upper or lower teeth or both, rest on your gums, and are held in place with dental adhesive. Dentures should be removed at night for cleaning and soaking to keep them as fresh and bright as the day you brought them home.

We believe in creating dentures that actually fit your face and look as if they belong to you, not like denture-mill false teeth. Plus, we make sure that your dentures fit you as well as possible to minimize slippage. We also offer implant-retained dentures for a superior solution that will not pinch or slip while keeping your jawbone healthy and intact.