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Crowns/Bridges - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Crowns are the veneer of restorative dentistry. In other words, they are the strongest, most beautiful restoration we offer here at Meyer Family Dentistry. Crowns can be used to create a brand-new surface for even the most damaged, decayed, or broken tooth. We use crowns to seal and repair teeth after root canals, to anchor a dental bridge, and to top dental implants with a beautiful tooth mother nature would be jealous of. Depending on where your crown is going to be placed and whether you have a tendency to clench your teeth, we will use either pure porcelain crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal for extra strength and durability.

A bridge is basically a series of crowns used to fill a gap where teeth are missing. Two dental crowns are bonded to your own teeth on either side of the gap, holding in place the porcelain teeth that replace any missing teeth. Our dental bridges are so attractive and life-like, no one will realize you are wearing replacement teeth.

We now can complete restorations, like crowns, faster and easier than ever before! Learn how the CEREC allows us to do this.