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X-Rays - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Another very important part of the Meyer Family Dental exam is examining the inside of your teeth, under the enamel, with digital and panoramic x-rays. Digital x-rays allow us to obtain a larger, crisper electronic image of your teeth, their roots, supporting bone, and gums for an improved picture of your oral health than we can achieve with standard x-rays. Since the images are electronic, they are shared and stored on the computers we have in each exam room, making it easier than ever to explain and show our finding to you, blown up on a computer screen, as well as saving them for future comparisons. Our advanced computer technology digitally compares images, then subtracts what is the same from one x-ray to the next to give us a clear image of even the tiniest changes. Miniscule changes that may not be seen by even the most discerning naked eye can be caught earlier and seen more clearly. What’s more, our digital x-rays expose you to significantly less radiation than conventional dental x-rays – up to 75% less.

If we need to take a look at your entire head, neck and bone structure in order to plan for implants, scan for orthodontic problems, check on wisdom teeth positioning, or evaluate bone density or sinus problems, we can use our panoramic x-ray technology.