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Whether you have invested a lot in restoring your teeth or you want to prevent the need for restoration, mouthguards are a great choice to protect your smile and keep it looking and functioning the way it should. Meyer Family Dentistry offers sports mouthguards for active kids as well as night guards to protect against nighttime teeth clenching and grinding.

Our sports mouthguards offer your children’s’ precious smile significantly greater protection than boil-and-bite guards you get in the sporting goods stores. How? Every single mouthguard we prescribe is custom made specifically for your child. We take molds of your child’s teeth and send these molds to our world-class lab where they will produce a mouthguard that fits so comfortably your child may forget it is even there. That’s important because the more comfortable the guard, the more likely it is that your child will actually use it. In addition, studies show that dentist-made mouthguards not only offer superior protection of teeth (over boil-and-bite guards which provide only slightly more protection that no mouthguard at all), they also better protect soft tissues of the mouth from laceration and bruising. Even more importantly, a study in the General Dentistry Journal indicates that a properly-made mouthguard significantly reduces your child’s risk for traumatic brain injury, more commonly referred to as a concussion.

Meyer Family Dentistry also provides night guards to protect teeth from the clenching and grinding that can damage enamel, contribute to gum problems, and lead to TMJ disorder symptoms including migraines. These nifty little mouthguards can actually be worn any time you find yourself clenching such as while driving in morning traffic.

Why put your family’s teeth at risk? Talk to us about custom mouthguards for sports and bruxism protection.