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Hygiene - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Not much feels as great as your teeth do after a good professional cleaning. But it isn’t just a bright, smooth, clean feeling we are after with dental cleanings. And while dental cleanings help prevent cavities and decay, one of their most important functions is keeping your gums in tip-top shape, free of infection and disease. Why is this so crucial? Your gums do more than simply hold your teeth in place. Your gums are also mucous membranes, soft tissues that are permeable and allow substances, good or bad, to enter your bloodstream. When they are healthy, they are wellness defenders, but if gum disease creeps in, they can actually make your whole body sick.

We use the comfortable and highly effective ultrasonic scaler to gently remove bacterial buildup (plaque and tartar) both on your teeth and at the gumline. This allows your gums to stay tight against your teeth, doing their protective job, while also giving you the brighter, smoother, happier smile you love to show off.