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Smile Whitening - Meyer Family Dentistry
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There really isn’t anything that looks as fresh, confident, and attractive as a radiant, white smile. And nowadays, more and more people are achieving that sparkle with the comfort and safety of professional teeth bleaching or whitening.

KoR Whitening

Our in-office whitening techniques are the fastest and most effective way to get your smile up to ten shades whiter – often in less than an hour. You can even schedule to have it done over your lunch break for maximum convenience. Just sit back, relax on one of our neck pillows, and nap while your teeth achieve ultimate brightness. Our KoR whitening system combines Take-Home Whitening Trays that are worn at night, while you are asleep.  After two weeks you will start to notice your whiter smile.  After two weeks you will be ready for to complete your KoR whitening with an in-office whitening, which takes about an hour to complete.  This technique is the best way to whiten your smile!

Tray Whitening

If you prefer the convenience of whitening at home, don’t mess around with hit-or-miss over-the-counter whitening methods that can cause extreme sensitivity and damage your gums. Talk to us about KoR take-home tray whitening. We will provide you with two, custom-made whitening trays (one for the upper teeth and one for the lower) and the prescription-level whitening gel that is best for you. Just fill the trays with your special gel, pop the trays in your mouth, and whiten anytime, anywhere.