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Minimal-Prep Veneers - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Minimal prep veneers are very much like our traditional porcelain veneers. The big difference is that they are significantly thinner so much less tooth preparation is required. Depending on your needs, we may choose to use E.max minimal-prep dental veneers because they are ultra thin and look so natural in your smile. E.max’s ceramic material is patented and has a 98.2% success rate. But don’t take our word for it: more than 10 years of clinical evidence proves it. In fact, E.max is the number one, doctor-trusted, minimal-prep tooth veneer available today because they offer almost the same strength and durability as traditional veneers.

But no matter which minimal-prep veneer you choose, these veneers can close gaps, lengthen teeth, cover deep stains and discoloration, and even repair broken teeth. Since they require so little tooth preparation before application, we recommend these veneers for teens and young adults when cosmetic dental bonding is not an option.