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Full-Mouth Restoration - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Has it been years since you saw a dentist? Are your teeth showing significant wear, decay, or damage? Are you worried that you may have gum disease or cavities adding to the trouble you have with your smile? Has it been ages since you felt as if you could smile with confidence? Then a full-mouth restoration from Meyer Family Dentistry may just your ticket to health and confidence. Full mouth restorations are not just one procedure. Instead, each full-mouth restoration is a customized combination of procedures to bring your smile back to ideal health, strength, and beautiful function.

We believe that everyone deserves to have a healthy smile that works the way nature intended, feels completely comfortable and pain-free, and looks so good you won’t be able to stop showing it off. Full-mouth restorations can include anything from dental whitening and composite bonding for faster touch-ups and repairs all the way to dental implants, periodontal treatments, and porcelain veneers to completely rejuvenate and restore your smile.