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Composite Bonding - Meyer Family Dentistry
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Composite bonding is a great way to safely and quickly repair and beautify teeth without the need for porcelain restorations. It is ideal for younger patients or for those who have smaller chips, cracks, or just need a little touch-up. Plus, since it is completed in one visit with no need for temporaries or waiting for a lab to complete your cosmetic restoration, you can leave our office with a more beautiful smile – right away! Because composite bonding is applied directly to your teeth, it requires an extra steady hand and an artistic eye. Of course, we always discuss your needs and desires with you and include you in the planning and decision-making process.

Once you are ready for your tooth repair, Dr. Meyer simply shades the composite material to either match the surrounding teeth or to achieve the whiteness you want, applies several careful layers for a natural look, shapes the dental composite material to perfection, and brings your smile to a high polish. You’ll leave smiling!